Diner En Blanc

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  • By Sherry Brock For Heart and Sole Shoes
Diner En Blanc

A beautiful white, fun, fresh and all things french evening with an element of surprise!

Dîner en Blanc Victoria recalls the elegance and glamour of French Court Society

...a yearly event that takes place under the Victoria stars at a secret location not disclosed until participants arrive to dine. One of the hottest event tickets for the summer, guests gather for a mass chic picnic for the love of beauty and good taste.

For this extraordinary evening, attendees are dressed in white! Not cream. Not ecru. Not beige. Not grey. White. From head to toe. We have all the blanc (that’s French for white) accessories needed to make you stand-out for this event, including our top three picks for shoes:




These exquisite shoes are from our Chanii B line, created by international designer Chantal Pilon. A native Canadian, Chantal has worked with designers like Clarks and Kenneth Cole. Her Chanii B line exudes style, individuality, creative flair, a touch of sexiness...all with a bit of an edge. These shoes are 50% off, starting at $150.

We haven’t forgot our male counterparts who attend Diner en Blanc Victoria, we have a variety of white accessories and shoes, including our summer classic white Birkenstocks.

To learn more about Diner en Blanc Victoria and how to attend, visit their website at