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Red Wing Shoes Taslan Laces

Red Wing Shoes Taslan Laces

Brand: Red Wing
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The Red Wing Shoes Taslan Boot & Shoe Laces are an exact factory replacement and come from one of the only United States manufacturers to create laces using the original taslan construction process. This prevents them from pilling.

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  • Made in USA
  • Colour: Tan/Gold
  • 48-inch (122 cm)
  • Braided on belt-fed machines.
  • Exact factory replacement for Red Wing Shoes.
  • Made at the same factory that Red Wing has used for over 80 years.

About Red Wing:

The early history of iron mining on Minnesota’s Mesabi Range is intertwined with that of Red Wing Shoe Company. The miners needed tough but comfortable boots that could stand up to the long days and tough conditions a northern Minnesota mine pit presented. Red Wing responded with a boot made of thick leather with an oil resisting outer sole, speed lacing hooks, and a comfortable cork midsole. The defining characteristic of these boots though, was their double layered toe, capped to protect the miner’s feet from injury as they laboured with hand tools and heavy machinery. That boot is still made today, the fittingly named Iron Ranger, and it represents not only Red Wing’s commitment to making boots for working men and women but also its Minnesota origins.