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Product description

• Women’s anatomical sandals Mostar are made of natural suede, with very fine decoration added
• The comfortable, light and flexible sole make the shoe comfortable and stable
• Anatomical, removable insoles with extra density. The insoles are covered with very pleasant to the touch microfiber. With the so-called Air Function – channels that when pressed allow air circulation between the feet and the sole. They can be easily removed to add individual orthopedic insoles.
• Sandals have a heel support element. Velcro patches on three levels, which allow a comfortable fit around the individual width of the foot.
• Made in Portugal

Suave shoes are handmade in a small town called Guimaraes, north of Porto in Portugal. The family company specializes in the production of quality and comfortable soft leather shoes to the highest standards.
Where precision is required, the latest technology is used, and where human skill is required, a skilled workforce works in a bright and clean atmosphere, creating each individual dream example for your feet!
The soles are made and molded from high quality polyurethane and molded with removable insoles to give the perfect combination, lightness, flexibility, durability.

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