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Glerups natural and breathable wool makes the slippers feel dry and warm providing all-season comfort for women and men. No-itch wool. No-slip leather. No-substitute Glerups.

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Product description

Wonderful, wearable, self-cleaning.

100% pure wool glerups comfort and warmth right up to the ankles. The Boot gets high marks for leaving little room for the cold to get in—no socks please! The ultimate indoor antidote to the chilly ways of Canada’s winter.

Wool fibres wick moisture away from your skin and release it to the air, essentially a self-cleaning process unique to wool. This ensures less perspiration and natural odor-free slippers. Wear your Glerups barefoot for best results!

Glerups go just about everywhere. This is cozy comfort at its natural best. 100% comfortable-all-year pure wool with durable leather soles. So light and packable you’ll wish you could take them everywhere.
The Glerups story reads like a fairytale. Danish farmer and mother Nanny glerups washed excess wool from her herd of Gotland sheep in a process called “felting” to make slippers for her children. Your one wish at the end of the fairytale? That you could wear Glerups everywhere!

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